Happy Independence Day

I should go without saying, and too offen does, “Thank You and I appreciate your service to your country!” ‘

As I sat in my home town surrounded my family watching the parade it dawned upon me that we may still missing the point of today. I watched the veterans come by and people stood and applauded and that was great, I watched the fire departments come by and that was great, but then the politicians came by and i said ok it’s the 4th I guess we can call this a celebration of the democratic process we are to enjoy (even if the only ones that showed were the ones seeking election), then then Corvette club, a Clown Car, and the Humane Society. Ok seriously I’m missing that one, it is INDEPENDENCE DAY not look at my shinny sports car day. Please remember today is the celebrations of your freedom and our statement to the world that we will not be governed by others.

Happy Independence Day

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