Another Saturday at the plates

Another Saturday at the plates, unfortunately a rainy one.  A good day working on my stance and grip making some good hits. The same women from last week was came again, last week we had suggested that she go to see Nick Ayotte of Northeastern Firearms as they most of us personal know him and his business has a wide selection and a gunsmith on sight. We were confident that Paul Ayotte (yes their related) the gunsmith over there would be able and willing to listen to her and help get her J-frame working well for her. She did go and ended up trading in that J-frame for a larger K-frame with a 4 1/2” barrel with target grips. It was obvious that Nick had spent the time with her found her what was going to work for her. She shot much better with that longer barrel, longer sight radius, and longer handle.  All and all a good day at the range.

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