Maine LD1603 and LD1728

Maine LD1603 is an amendment to the previously passed “Parking Lot Carry” Bill that allows employees to carry to and from work but allows the employer to make them leave it in their vehicle. The new amendment will now allow state employees to enjoy the same right of self-defense as non-state employees. Of course my legislator voted against it but I’m not a big fan of his choices. The came out of committee with a “ought to pass” so it is up to vote for the Maine Legislation, this is great news but we now need to contact out representatives and get the vote through.

Maine 1728 did not come out of committee, which is a good thing. It would allow the denial of non-resident permits to people who live in states with different laws then ours. This is good news, now my mother, stranded in the oppressive New York State machine can get her permit her, and this pleases me.

Please check the NRA-ILA on this one.

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