LD 1603 Passes the House in Maine

The Maine House approved LD1603 and passed over to the Senate. Great Job!!! MPBN actually did a good job covering the debate in the House.

Drill of the Day: Dry-Fire

Drill of the Day: Dry-Fire With UNLOADED and EMPTY pistol: Pick a point on the wall a given distance from you (obviously in a safe direction) Obtain the proper grip on your pistol Bring your firearm up to aim Take you time and get the perfect sight picture (front sight will be crisp and clear…

Drill of the Day: Malfunction Drill

  Speed Malfunction Drill: “Tap, Rack, Roll to the Right, and Bang” With UNLOADED, EMPTY pistol, and maintaining the muzzle pointed in a SAFE direction Bring pistol in toward chest Break two-handed grip Tap magazine hard with support hand “Tap” Run support hand forward over slide Run support hand backward over slide, gripping at the rear…

Drill of the Day: Drawing From Retention

Drawing from Retention: With a unloaded and EMPTY firearm, practice drawing from the holster and under concealment. 1. In a circular motion rotate from arm straight down 2. Lifting up the shirt coming behind the firearm 3. Taking proper grip 4. Disable retention 5. Pull up out of the holster and keep rotating forward 6….