Drill of the Day: Malfunction Drill


Speed Malfunction Drill: “Tap, Rack, Roll to the Right, and Bang”

With UNLOADEDEMPTY pistol, and maintaining the muzzle pointed in a SAFE direction

  1. Bring pistol in toward chest
  2. Break two-handed grip
  3. Tap magazine hard with support hand “Tap”
  4. Run support hand forward over slide
  5. Run support hand backward over slide, gripping at the rear of the slide
  6. Use your momentum to rack the slide back“Rack”
  7. Roll the Pistol to the right, pointing the ejection port downward and the muzzle pointed down range. “Roll to the Right”
  8. Release slide
  9. Return to proper grip
  10. Bring firearm back on target and squeeze the trigger “Bang”

This drill is intended as a quick malfunction clearing drill, it obviously will not work for every type of malfunction. This is a drill about quick reaction to a malfunction. Hitting the slide will hopefully force the magazine to seat properly. This is the first step because we know that most malfunctions are caused be magazine problems. Next we run our support hand forward and back on the slide to knock free any stovepipes or “Failure to Eject” problems and to build momentum. Racking the slide should chamber us a new round. We should roll the pistol to the right to position the ejection port straight down, gravity will help clear any brass or debris that is in the chamber. If the slide won’t move we have a different and more serious malfunction and we may be out of comission. If solved we then return to our proper grip. Followed by getting back on target and squeezing the trigger. This is the classing “Tap, Rack, Roll to the Right and Bang” Drill. It is useful for clearing “Type 1″or “Failure to Fire” malfunctions, this is when you pull the trigger and you hear a click and no bang. It is also effective for clearing “Type 2″or “Failure to Eject” malfunctions, this is when the round goes off but does not eject for some reason or gets caught in the slide. A “Type 3″or “Double Feed” Malfunctions will probably not be cleared by this drill. This is a more lengthy and involved clearing drill. It is important to CHECK AND MAKE SURE THE PISTOL IS SAFE TO SHOOT!!! 

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