I Screwed Up

As is one of my goals with this blog is to make the mistakes so you have to, I pulled one the other that makes me embarrassed to even mention. Gun ranges are by their nature usually hot and in the direct sunlight for most of the day. This make bringing plenty of water with you and drinking it essential to a fun and safe day at the range. Well I in my efficient wisdom I did have water with me and didn’t have any. So this went on through the day and near then end of the day I’m feeling light headed and dizzy. Recognizing that I needed water I head for the truck but it was too late and down I go. I passed out for about one second, needless to say when someone goes down at live range it causes some attention. For all anyone around me know I had been hit by some kind of freak ricochet. To everyone somewhat relief that was not the case. We got me off the ground and into the shed and on the couch with my feet elevated and they gave me water and a granola bar and I was back up and moving, done shooting for the day but moving around.

It is so important to stay hydrated at the range, thankfully I wasn’t on the firing line, or worst yet shooting at the time. And yes, the NRA even tells you not to eat or drink at the range due to lead contamination. But you must, must, must stay hydrated. Bring water with you, drink it regulatory and stay a little over hydrated, stopping to run to the restroom beats the alternative everyday.

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