Happy 2013!


Happy New Years to you and yours. I have taken the Holidays to spend time with my family and reflect upon the passing year. It has been hard to tune out all the things that have happened in the last two weeks or so. I am actually originally from Rochester, New York were two firefighters were ambushed and killed and two more injured. This was a calculated and vicious attack on volunteers rescue workers by another in a growing list of madmen who pray on the innocent and defenseless. My heart and prayers go out the their families, friends, and to the brothers and sisters in the fire service. When the madman was meet with armed resistance he committed suicide. Link Again firefighters in Alabama are ambushed by another madman while responding to a EMS call, thankfully no fire fighters were hurt. Link It is horrible that responders are under attack, but those that resort to violence pray upon the unarmed and undefended because they are the soft targets and easy pray, just like schools. The morale impact on the public is huge when people like first responders and children become targets.

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