I love GunBot.Net

I found this site the other day and it is AWESOME!!! It’s called GunBot.Net. It is an internet bot, which searches the internet for ammo prices and availability. In this time of ammo shortatge and rising prices this site helps us find the best prices on ammo. Go to the site and it automatically goes to 223/5.56 ammo and you can sort it by date or price per round. They also have .223/5.56, 7.62×39, 22lr, 9mm, .308/7.62×51, .45 ACP, .300 AAC & Whisper, .40 S&W, 5.45×39, .380 Auto, 5.7×28, 10mm, 30-06, 6.8 SPC, .357 Magnum, and .38 Special They are currently expanding the site to include magazines (AR, Glock, AK-47, AK-74, PS90, SKS, Mini-14, XD, and 10/22). They are also working on adding reloading supplies to the site (Primers, Powder, and Bullets) it is completely under construction at this point but with how great the rest of the site is it will be great.

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