George Zimmerman Trial – Opening Statements

Got to watch part of the defense’s opening statements live today on yahoo. This is a unique opportunity for those of us who carry or have firearms for self defense. With enough research you can find court transcripts and findings for self defense trials but to actually watch one that is so charged, so publicized and with live commentary from the public is honestly mesmerizing. This trial will be a important and public spectacle for the self defense world, I think it will be a great opportunity to watch what a self defense trial play out. Claiming self defense is what is called an affirmative defense, your actually pleading guilty to murder under special circumstances that make it not a crime. By doing this you are now reversing what we normally think of as our legal process, the burin of evidence is no longer on the state it is on you to provide evidence that proves the circumstances on which you are claiming that it was an act of self defense. When you think of these two parts of claiming self defense they stand in contrast of a lot of what we heard when the incident happened back in February 2012 when everyone was talking about this case. This is going to be one to follow and watch as it goes on, much of the evidence that is public information up to the start of the trial, seems to make the decision a forgone conclusion, however we have seen that turn around on public opinion and on the fickle nature of a jury. We will have to see what new evidence may come to light and the direction that things move.

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