11/1/15 Ladies Day at the Range

Women are the largest growing group in the shooting sports but still feel there are many barriers to their entry.This event is an opportunity to remove as many barriers as possible to bring more women into the shooting sports. This is not my event but one sponsored by one of my ranges that I am supporting. Lets face it women are different then men, the learn different, they act different, they think different, and they have a unique set of problems when it comes to firearms and concealed carry. One of the problems is that the shooting sports are male dominated, and that leads to a number of perceptions about the gun culture at large. Some women simply do not feel comfortable learning to shoot with in a male dominated environment. As the proverb goes “a prophet has no honour in his country” and many times women do not want to learn to shoot from the men in their lives. As men we also have a hard time marketing ourselves to women without being unintentionally pandering, don’t get me wrong there is a big difference between discrimination and poor communication with the best of intentions. I know the club is excited and would like to make this a more regularly occurring event. For more details please visit the .

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