Happy 2016! It’s Time to Make Some Training Goals.

Happy 2016 everyone, I hope last night wasn’t too hard on you. But it is that time to reinvest in ourselves and decide what better thing we well bring into the new year. I always making a training goal for myself each new year and this year is no different.

I will make the effort to double down in my training. I know shocking that the guy selling training is going to vow to train more. Well, if you live shooting, there is no better way to have no time to do it anymore then to start a business in the firearms industry. You get to talk, read, and teach but you have to take that time from somewhere.

So how am I going to go it? I am going to start keeping detailed records of my training and drills, round count, competitions, and classes taken and taught. Having to track it and look at the fact I’ve been distracted from training should be the kick in the butt I need to make sure I’m doing my best.

I will start to track every trigger pull this year. Dry fire, Airsoft, and Live fire whether I am training to train, spending a on the range with my friends, and hopefully shooting other peoples guns. With this I will be able to focus in on what I am doing and more specifically what I am avoiding. We all like to do what we are best at and avoid like the plague what we suck at. Looking at what I am avoiding will force me to make work on my weaknesses. I also have made myself some scaled down IDPA and USPSA targets to do my dry fire practice with, this way I can maximize my training in my home with targets that are scaled to be farther away then possible in my home.

By tracking my competitions and results I will be able to get a longer term idea of how well I really am doing. I have started keeping closer track of my scores and what courses I do last year and this year I’ll be able to track if I am doing better, worse, or treading water.

Classes are great training! I learn by teaching others, when I have to work to explain fundamentals or help students work through an issue I learn how to help myself. I have been able to correct some of my own issues by seeing the same outcome in my students and then I know how to correct it. Training helps us speed up the learning curve and since I am lucky enough to have the experience of helping others I learn how to help myself.

I hope 2016 turns out to be the best year yet for New England Defensive Training and for you.

–Be Safe

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