Backing It Up!

I have been here talking about the benefits of training, learning, and growing your skill level. But hey, I’m in the training business so it is easy for me, right? I’m just a regular guy; I still have a full time job as a teacher, I’m a Father, a Volunteer Fire Fighter, a Volunteer Robotics Coach, and a home and vehicle owner. I have things that stand in the way of my training just as much as everyone else. So I’m backing up what I said and I am going to share my training log with all of you. I’m not saying that you need to keep a log like mine. I will say that it does make a legal transcript of my training and what I should know. You’ll noticed that there are a lot of podcasts on the list, I noticed it too. If I am not doing something else I’m listening to a wide array of podcasts, I find things I agree with and things I don’t, but this is the way I can gain information to bring to my classes. I never rest on my lorals, I can always improve, I can always get better, and I can learn what not to do from people who make mistakes. So here it is, this is my January, all of you Keyboard Commandos let me have it, I don’t care.

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