Armed citizen arrested after shooting at fleeing shoplifter

Found this article at, more information at the News station.
OMG, I can only find one piece of this article that is not a complete failure!
1. You should not be shooting at people over property, (you can not legally here in Maine and many other states). If you draw your firearm you must be in danger of grievous bodily harm or death, not in danger of losing stuff. Thankfully no one was hurt. Not to mention “a warning shot into the ground” in a mall parking lot… let that sink in for a moment. Where did that bullet go?
2. Warning shots are still considered “Use of Deadly Force,” this man was not in danger of grievous bodily harm or death.
3. The paramedics telling the suspect they couldn’t give him a ride because the ambulance was for emergency use only was good. Messing with a suspect’s plan in always a good tactic to slow a confrontation down to create time, space, and an avenue for escape.
4. The paramedics are not Police Officers they have no business pursuing or detaining a suspect. It worked out the best for these two, but it could have turned out with the two of the seriously wounded. Please do not misunderstand me, the were brave to react, but they had no duty to act.
5. The two people quoting in the article sound almost supportive of the actions taken. I’m all about, “Play stupid games, win stupid prizes,” but this behavior is not permissible.
6. The shooter is being charged also being charged with unlawful possession? So there is another set of failures there.
This is why training is so important people. I never what to see someone hurt. Had these people had some training I think this story would have played out differently.
–Be Safe

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