LiveLeak Fridays

LiveLeak Fridays, where I find a video on LiveLeak and we discuss the situation, the right, the wrong, and the WTF. We can learn from analyzing these videos to make our performance better.

Hawaii Knife fight (Old Man)

So who’s the bully here?  What role is each of the three men playing? So what do we see?

Two vehicle pulled to the side of the road, maybe a fender bender, road rage, maybe this is part two and it all started at another location. The younger man is at least 100 pounds heavier, 6-8 inches taller, and 20-30 years younger. We have a third actor in the passenger seat of the second vehicle who starts out as on observer and then becomes a peacemaker. At the beginning of the video he looks like the peace maker later he is definitely the aggressor.

The older gentleman definitely seems to be intoxicated. He has severely slurred speech, stumbles around, feet landing flat and hard, and misses the door handle. Comes out with a knife but does not seem to be intent on using it, he had multiple opportunities to strike and consistently backs away from the younger man. It seems that he brought the knife as an intimidation tool, however at the point it comes into play this could have become a lethal force encounter. The older man seems to have ability and opportunity to cause grievous bodily harm or death. Without the video it comes down to CYA (Can You Articulate) about intent and preclusion for a self defense claim. Without the video it would have been the word of the younger man vs. the middle age passenger about what happened.

At the beginning of the video the younger man’s body language is very passive and the older man’s aggressive. Until, the older man backs up then the younger man closes distance and keeps the older man close enough to slash at him. Why would you do this it makes no sense from the sidelines. As the older man eventually goes to his vehicle and puts the knife in the car and out of play, we see the younger man close a large distance. As the younger man sees the knife put away, his entire affect changes from passive to aggressive as does the tone of his voice. It becomes apparent that he no longer feels threatened and sees himself in a position of advantage and power.

The man then takes the opportunity to push the older man down and closes on him when he is on the ground. Legally this is completely changed the encounter. When the older man removed the knife from the situation, the ability of the older man to use lethal force against the older ended. Now the younger man becomes the attacker and the older the victim. The older man kicks at the younger as he is in a position of sever disadvantage. The younger man is either kicked in the genitals or more likely, jumps back.

Seeing the change from threats to violence and the drive of the car being attacked the third man enters the situation. Seeing the middle aged man coming to the aid of the older man, the younger man turns to look at the middle age man not looking at the older man. Saying, “Come on man?” He sees his clear advantage lost as it has now become a two on one situation. The older man takes the opportunity to get up and throw a punch. Now we have gone from pushes to punches.

The younger man punches at the older man and grapples with him until he is on the ground. Turns to the middle age man in a effort to attack him. Then middle age man back up and places up open hands in defense. The man seems to be trying to slow the situation down, but where was he when his friend had a knife out?

The older man comes back for another round draws the attention of the younger again. The younger man goes back and forth for a moment about how to attack. He goes back after the older man. Punching again until the older man trips over his own feet. He then punches the older man on the ground. The older man kicks from the ground while the middle age man walks around the brawl talking but not blocking. Until the younger man starts kicking the older man while still on the ground. May times people have this sense that there are rules to a fight, that only exists in sport fighting, not on the street, literally this time.

The situation gets weird here. The middle aged man gets the fight stopped and the younger man sees to know him, as he says so directly and talks about how they are friends. If they are friends where was he when the older man had the knife? The fight here seems to be over.

The people watching this can be heard giggling the whole time. No one calls the cops, they just video and giggle. No one helps they just video and giggle. Advice is given all the time about yelling for help, but today this seems to be the norm, video the fight, giggle and laugh, and most of the time egging it on from the sidelines like a fight in middle school.

The younger man still feels the need to yell at the older man on the ground. He says he wants his slipper back. The old man throws it at him, igniting the situation for a few more punches.

EVERYONE in this video is at fault somewhere for something. Everyone had multiple opportunities to end the conflict, walk away, or just lock them self in their vehicle. The man at the beginning of the video goes from being the victim to the attacker. The first incident ended when the old man walked back to his car. The younger man created a second and separate conflict in which he is CLEARLY the aggressor. This video is ripe of don’t do this’s.

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