Ruining Your Attackers Plan

This is a great, and hilarious, example of what can happen when you change how your attacker sees things happening. We talk about having a plan if things go wrong, because an attacker has a plan normally based on fear and violence if necessary. If you disrupt the plan you may gain either time to escape or even an tactical advantage over your attacker. Please note this video does not constitute an endorsement of this as a self defense plan.

Ruining your attackers plan

I actually show a similar video, from a show called Futurama where two of the main characters are mugged. One of them says he is too scared to find his wallet and starts taking off his pants. The mugger then shields his eyes, takes his gun off target, and says “I don’t like what I’m seeing.” Time and advantage to escape was achieved. This is a topic we should expand on but I thought a good laugh is always needed.

–Be Safe


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