Why is this a thing?

Super Russian Roulette: A New Party Game for the NES on KickStarter

Why is this a thing? I’m going to take this in a different direction but let’s get the obvious out of the way. PLAYING RUSSIAN ROULETTE IS STUPID! Yes, it is stupid even with a video game controller without the ability to hurt you, it is stupid with a nerf gun, and it is stupid with airsoft or paintball. Why on earth would we be inventing a new a better way for people to practice putting a gun to their head?

Stupidness aside I think there are some bigger issues here. One, looking at the ad it it seems like the target audience seems to be the “lost generation” and there seems to be alcohol involved in every almost every seen. People are adults and they can make their own choices, but seems like a bad idea to me.

Secondly, and this might just be me, dealing with school age kids as my day job I have seen all the “YouTube Challenges” go through. This sets up a glorification of really bad idea in the same way. No I’m not saying kids because of this game impressionable kids are going to accidentally commit suicide because of this game.

I am sure that the person who developed this has no idea about my next point. Last week, Black Sheep Arms out of Texas released this:


A wonderful piece of art but I have many of the same issues. I am saying that a reasonable person is not going to know that one of them weighs in at under a pound and the other over 2.5 pounds, no. Although as said before most of the video and photos in the ad featured adults in consumption of our favorite social lubricant, i.e. no longer a reasonable person.

When it comes down to this whole thing, is marketed to adults who are capable of making decisions involving their own well being. I don’t believe that the created has any malice nor any idea of the issue I pointed out. It allows people to break all the gun safety rules and I just think that is a dangerous situation.

Thanks to ENDO for bringing this to me to rant about.

–Be Safe


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