LiveLeak Friday – Not Really

So I’m breaking my own rule and these videos did not come from LiveLeak, oddly they came up after each other on my Facebook feed. The first two come from a page called Operator Operating Operationally. Two guys go to a Moms Demand Action rally, legally open carrying and try and have a discussion with one of the woman, who is yelling at them.

Operator Operating Operationally -Part 1

Operator Operating Operationally -Part 2

I have to give the men props, they kept their cool, they were polite, they know their stuff, and they kept trying to steer the conversation back to a rational discussion. They showed restraint and resolve, and they represented the firearms community well. In the course of their discussion with these women repeatedly go back to several lines. One of which is the famous why do you need a gun, and the men do well trying to explain. But this is how we win people over, be polite, be calm, and be factual. We are never going to win over the lobbying anti-gunners but the people in the middle who may simply be ignorant (the state of not knowing) are the people we can sway and the people that make the difference.

He is an example of random violence, Chicago Man Shot While Going Live on Facebook. Would this man having a gun help anything, no. But this is the type of random violence that exists in our world, to be fair I know nothing about the surrounding situation, nor can I verify any of the claims made by the poster of the video. However this man was clearly and loudly videotaping himself when he was shot. Which did not seem to sway a man from coming over and shooting him and others.

Situational awareness is an easy segway here but let us stay on point. Evil and violence exist. There is nothing that we can do to stop that fact, people can be evil and violent and they use tools to execute their choices. “Evil does not exist in the holster but in the heart of people.” Be prepared, recognize when situations are evolving around you, avoid conflict whenever safely possible, defend yourself when you must, and aid those who have been harmed.

–Be Safe

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