LiveLeak Friday

LiveLeak Fridays, where I find a video on LiveLeak and we discuss the situation, the right, the wrong, and the WTF. We can learn from analyzing these videos to make our performance better.

For today’s installment of LiveLeak Friday I found a “Street gun fight.” The shoot out lasts about a minute, and 22 cases were recovered at the scene. Things happen fast.

As this white SUV crosses the intersection people appear on both sides of the car using as cover. So again we talk about situational awareness again, you have to be paying attention to your surroundings. We do not see what stops the SUV from moving through the intercession but it is clear at the end that they could have escaped. This is in another country so I believe we are looking at a left side driver vehicle. The driver appeared to freeze not knowing what to do, common response to violence but rarely the correct one. People tend to forget the amount of energy a vehicle has, it makes firearms seems like nothing when we talk about the energy of a 2000 lbs vehicle moving just 1 mph. The driver should have laid on the gas and escaped that situation and called the police from a safe location. There were multiple opportunities for that to happen, if the drive had hit one of the two combatants, it would have been self defense. Because the driver did not react the rear passenger almost got shot as he escaped, I can only imagine the conversation going on in that vehicle during all this.

The firefight does on around the vehicle for nearly minute, one of the combatants is on the ground and ends up being shot on the ground. He may have been hit or choice the ground, it is not clear, he does attempt to shoot under the car which is when the other person get position on him and shoots him on the ground. Don’t go to the ground, if you can avoid it. This was a moving battle and moving targets are harder to hit, not moving makes you an easy target and you can be flanked, which is what happened. If you are hit and end up on the ground, get up if you can or roll on you back. It is far easier to defend yourself on you back then laying on your chest.

When the shooting is over the last man standing flees. The driver gets out looks around, the passenger returns, they both get back in the vehicle and leave the scene.  I can make arguments for both sides and it is unclear in the video what happens. From a personal safety standpoint I can argue that you are better to leave the scene to a safe location and then call the police. From an evidence standpoint by leaving you are forever changing the evidence at the scene. That being said, I am not a cop, I have no connection to the random people having gun fight around my car. I do have a responsibility to keep my family and self safe and to report the incident. So I would have retreated to a safe location and contacted the authorities.


–Be Safe

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