I purchased the AR style Knoxx stock for my shotgun that is primarily for home defense. I did so for two purposes: The collapsable stock allows my wife to use the gun far more effectively and two the Knoxx recoils system works and it is a much more comfortable gun to shoot. I will probably talk more about that in the future however my point today is Blackhawks customer service. I needed a replacement foreend because the standard one would not fit, I called, they sent me one at no cost and very fast. It was a TOTALLY great experience. Last night I got an email from Blackhawk saying the following:

Greetings!To ensure your continued interest in receiving email campaigns from our organization, we ask that you respond to this email.

Please confirm your subscription by clicking the link below or replying to this email.

Confirm Subscription (this was a link)

We ask for your confirmation to protect you from receiving unwanted email. If you do not respond, your email address will NOT be added to this list.

Thank you
I was blown away, that is the best forward thinking customer service I have seen in a long time. Blackhawk will continue to have my business.

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