I Know Better

My wife needed tires, so I made arrangements at a local tire place to get her tires replaced. I arrived home right before my wife arrived and I told her the plan that we needed to drop of the car at the shop at some point that night. She was pleased and wanted to leave right away, which we did. I had not taken the time to get my holster and pistol. I thought, “Hey it’ll be fine. We’ll drop off the car and head home.” Well we got there and the had an opening right then so in her car went. So we walked around the mall to kill the hour. I made the assumption we wouldn’t be staying and that it would be a quick trip. That logic doesn’t work, we prepare to defend ourselves at a moment not of your choosing. Who knows what else may have happened. I screwed up. If your make the choice to carry you need to always carry, everywhere you can.

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