Most of the time it’s the Indian

About two months ago I posted about “Blame the Indian not the arrow, but sometimes it really is the arrow” I talked about most time (like 99%) there is a problem hitting the target, it’s us and not the firearm. I thought I had been diligent about making sure it was my sight. I was wrong, what I forgot to have someone else watch me. I asked the RSO (Range Safety Office) to watch my grip as I shot and in one magazine I had my answer. I didn’t have enough finger on the trigger and I was pushing my shot to the left. I changed my finger placement and I was right back on target. I took this opportunity to remember that that no matter how much we practice we can’t always train alone.  Having someone who knows what they’re doing watch you for issues like this. So now I’ve got to retrain my finger and muscles to the new finger position.

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